What are wax melts? Wax melts are just chunks of scented wax that you place in a warmer and when heated they release a fragrance in your space. 

How much wax do I use and how often do I need to switch it out?  A piece or two is plenty depending on the size of the wax melt chunk.  I suggest changing your wax every couple days, or whenever you can no longer smell the scent. Some people believe using a smaller piece of wax will give a stronger scent throw for a shorter amount of time, and using a bigger chunk will give off a bit of a lesser throw for a longer amount of time. As always, smell is subjective so do what works best for you! Just do not add fresh wax to wax that has already burned through its fragrance, as it will not give off a stronger scent because it’s diluted. 

What kind of warmer do I use with your melts? You can melt soy wax in any kind of warmer. You will find hot plates, bulb warmers, and tea light warmers sold at most retailers. You do not need a super expensive warmer for it to be effective! I do suggest using a 20-25 watt bulb for optimal burning results, as long as your warmer supports them. 

What kind of wax do you use? I use an all natural soy wax formulated specifically for tarts and melts. I also ONLY use phthalate free fragrance oils and ethically sourced mica. If you ever notice your wax melts appear to have a white “frosting” or “blushing” on the surface know that this is completely normal for soy waxes and in no way is performance effected. This occurs when the wax tries to return to its original state. 

Is the wax cured when I receive it?  Recommended cure time for soy wax is 1-2 weeks. Unless stated otherwise, wax melts will be poured upon order placement and you most likely will be receiving it before the full 2 week period. You can definitely melt your wax when you get it, but you may notice the scent gets stronger with time. 

How does shipping work? GMG wax melts are custom made and poured after order is placed. These orders will ship within 7-14 business days from order placement. Ready to sell items (RTS) will be listed as such, and will ship 1-3 business days from order placement. TAT is subject to change during peak seasons or promotional periods, and we will always keep our customers updated on these changes. A flat rate shipping charge will apply to all orders. Orders $75 and above will qualify for free shipping. All domestic orders will ship USPS priority which takes an estimated 1-3 days, unless the order contains Room Spray which needs to ship ground only. 

Who do I talk to if I have a question? Please send an email to gmgwaxco@gmail.com or reach out on any of our social media outlets